At Mastertint, we use the best quality products and the latest
in fitting techniques to deliver a superior tinting service to
suit customers on every kind of budget.

Vehicle Tinting

A car tinting service from Mastertint can provide you with 99% protection against harmful UV rays as well as block out heat and annoying glare on bright sunny days during Australia’s notoriously hot summers.

residential &
commercial tinting

Increase your privacy and block harmful UV rays. Mastertint residential and commercial window films are designed to protect your home or office from the sun’s damaging UV rays, block out heat and give your home or office much needed privacy.


Find out how you can protect your vehicle from environmental damage, deterioration, fading and wearing out, with our range of protection products.


Check out our variety of aftermarket accessories including Headlight Bulbs, Parking Sensors, Reversing Cameras and Bluetooth Kits.

Car Alarms

Whether you are after Keyless Entry for the convenience, or a high security alarm to protect your belongings, Mastertint offers all that you need and more.


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Summer is well and truly here and with it warnings of high UV exposure.  Automotive glass will only reject around 60% of UV rays and that includes the darkened privacy glass found on the rear windows many new vehicles. A high quality film will reject 100% of UVB and around 98% of UVA rays (the… Continue reading UV Warnings This Summer

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It is now legal in Queensland to have the rear windows in your passenger car tinted to 20% providing the vehicle has 2 external side view mirrors.  This is now in line with Australian compliance laws which allowed new vehicles and imported vehicles to have privacy glass in the rear windows darker than 35%. Commercial… Continue reading New Tint Rules For Queensland