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Fabric & Carpet Protection

Whether you have kids, pets, or neither; there are hundreds of ways to stain the seats and carpets in your vehicle.

Protecting the vehicle’s interior is important to keep your car looking and feeling like new. Like most new car owners, majority don’t eat food in their car, but will have the occasional drinks, which over time, turns into a cup of coffee every morning driving to work, and eventually the ‘no food’ rule goes out the window, because you are running late and didn’t have time to eat. We see and hear this story every day. We all care about our new car, or first car. The sad reality is, however, that once the novelty wears off, all our original rules and promises to keep it clean, go out the window. This is why we think it’s imperative to protect your car, even if you are the cleanest person around, you will one day, have kids, or pets, or that friend who will ‘always, no matter what’ eat or drink, and spill something in you car.

Our water-based polymer treatment coats each fibre individually, creating a strong barrier which is resistant to stains from food and drink spills, but it is also UV resistant, so it protects your fabric and carpets against fading and discolouration. Removing stains and spills is simple, as it is designed not to let anything soak through, giving you time to clean up the mess without the need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing. Most importantly, our products are all non-toxic, allergy free and safe for not only yourself and your family, but also for all fabric types.

Car Seat Protection Made Easy

It’s easy only to notice the outside of a car: the shiny mags and the mirrorlike paintwork with tiny flecks of crystals. Yet it is just as important to maintain and protect the inside of your vehicle, for it speaks volumes about your attitude towards the whole car ownership package. And in this regard, excellent car seat protection is paramount.

The Onslaught on Your Car’s Interior

It is undoubtedly not something that you think about every day, but there is a major onslaught on the state of your car’s interior by various factions. Throw kids or pets into the mix, or maybe your job description, and the effect of a continuous dirt build-up will eventually become apparent.

  • The two primary threats to your car’s interior are undoubtedly UV light and heat. Given sufficient time, UV light causes the disintegration of most materials, especially leather and vinyl, but also most synthetic and natural cloths.

  • The unnatural heat, formed inside a car, particularly when parked in the sun, is also detrimental to the interior materials.

  • Most foods will stain untreated fabrics, requiring complex washing procedures to remove. If it penetrates too deep, it may even be impossible to remove the smell of old cheese sauce.

Interior Protection Pack

The sun’s UV rays can be so damaging it can dry out the interior of your car making plastics dry and brittle, and vinyl shrink and crack.

We use a water based non-greasy solvent that leaves a matte finish once applied to the plastic and vinyl interior of your vehicle such as dashboard, door panels, centre consoles, boots and other trim by penetrating underneath the surface layer to safeguard all plastic and vinyl areas giving optimum protection and durability.

By protecting you cars interior you are not only extending the life of your vinyl, you are creating a barrier against stains, using a water-repellent formula that protects against food and drink spills, fading and discolouration. You no longer need your monthly or fortnightly application of high-sheen, greasy layers of cleaning agents to have your car looking good. A damp cloth to wipe away the dust or dirt and it’s as good as new.

Different Interior Protection Offered By Mastertint

Car seats can be protected with covers made from various materials, including canvas and sheepskin. However, even though the same can be done with the dashboard and door interiors, it could become rather garish. A better solution is to look at what we offer our customers regarding the interior protection of their vehicles.

  • Car fabric protection, especially for seats, must be done right using the right chemicals. Most protective solutions are adequate because they cause spilled liquids to bead, preventing penetration into the fabric and allowing for quick removal with an absorbent cloth. The real test is always hot coffee, as the heat causes lower quality protective films to melt and disintegrate, leaving the fabric unprotected.

  • Leather and vinyl are naturally resistant to liquids and grime. However, neither of these materials are entirely inert and thus, they require constant care to maintain their resilience. By applying our special car vinyl protection to the dashboard and other interior areas, the synthetic material is nourished, and the protective solution becomes part of the outer surface of the plastic. This provides the highest level of protection, much better than normal wax-like cleaners that just sit on the surface and eventually become dull and sticky.

  • Leather requires nourishing oils and special conditioner creams to remain soft and supple. A good cream also contains UV protective elements and prevents cracking caused by a breakdown of the fibrous structure of the leather. It is important to apply car leather protection every three to four months.

Electronic Rust protection

The favourite Australian past time of holidaying near the beach can be extremely hazardous to your vehicle’s bodywork.

It doesn’t take long for salt water to begin its merciless attack, causing unseen metal work to succumb to the rusting process where it is usually hidden from view and proper cleaning. Unfortunately, most cars end up with the occasional marks such as stone chips or scratches. These marks in turn leave your metal exposed to moisture, salt & high temperatures, which increase the rate of chemical reaction causing rust to form.

Mastertint uses the latest in electronic rust protection. The electronic rust unit uses both impressed current and sacrificial anode technology to prevent the formation of rust on your vehicle. The specially designed anode has a higher conductive rate for free electrons, which attracts the rust to form on them first. Impressed current changes the metals electron voltage which slows the formation of rust. With these two methods combined the rust unit will protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion, and neutralise and existing rust on your vehicle and prevent it from spreading further.

Paint Protection

Introducing our premium range of automotive protection products designed to keep your vehicle looking its best and shielded from the elements.

Sio2 Based Paint Protection (Entry Level)

Discover the perfect entry-level solution for safeguarding your vehicle’s finish with our Sio2 Based Paint Protection. This advanced formula harnesses the power of silicon dioxide (SiO2) to create a durable shield against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear. Not only will your car maintain a stunning, glossy appearance, but it will also be easier to clean and maintain. Protect your investment without breaking the bank and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle’s paint is safeguarded.

Ceramic Coating (Top of the Line)

Elevate your car’s protection to the highest level with our 9H Ceramic Coating. This cutting-edge ceramic coating offers unrivaled durability and longevity, backed by an impressive 10-year warranty. Formulated with the latest nanotechnology, 9H provides an impenetrable barrier against scratches, swirls, and stains while enhancing your vehicle’s shine to a brilliant, showroom-worthy finish. Say goodbye to frequent waxing and hello to a decade of worry-free, superior protection.

Choose the level of protection that suits your needs and budget, and ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition. Whether you opt for our reliable Sio2 Based Paint Protection or indulge in the pinnacle of automotive care with 9H Ceramic Coating, you’re making an investment that will pay off in the long run. Don’t compromise on quality—protect your ride with our exceptional products today!