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The Pros Of Reversing Cameras

October 14, 2021

Having a good quality reverse camera installed into your vehicle is almost a must these days.  Not only can it prevent those annoying car park accidents, it provides peace of mind when there are children around.

Many cars today are fitted with genuine reverse cameras, but a surprising amount of large vehicles are not and even more surprisingly many people think reverse cameras are too expensive.  Well let’s have a look at the potential cost if you don’t have a rear facing camera.

The purpose of a reverse camera is obviously to be able to see what is behind the vehicle to prevent a collision.  Reversing into a low wall or round pole (which reversing sensors can sometimes miss) can cause expensive damage to your cars paintwork.  Having a rear parking camera installed before this happens can actually save you money in the long run, especially if you were to reverse into another vehicle.

The most important cost saver of a reversing camera is the prevention of hitting a person, particularly a child.  There have been many reported cases of a child being run over in their own drive way as a parent or relative was reversing out, at one stage there was even a call for the government to make reversing cameras compulsory for 4WD’s.

For a car reverse camera to work it does not need to be large or expensive.  There is a large range of different cameras on offer.  There a small reverse cameras that fit flush into the bumper, there are water proof reverse cameras for 4WD’s and Ute’s and there are simple butterfly mount cameras that fit neatly above the vehicles licence plate.

There are a range of different reverse monitors too.  No longer do you need to put a large pedestal monitor on the dash board which can block your vision.  Clip on and replacement mirror monitors are popular now enabling you to see the cameras image within the mirror’s surface and once the vehicle is taken out of reverse gear it resumes back to being a rear view mirror.

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