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New Tint Rules For Queensland

September 29, 2021

It is now legal in Queensland to have the rear windows in your passenger car tinted to 20% providing the vehicle has 2 external side view mirrors.  This is now in line with Australian compliance laws which allowed new vehicles and imported vehicles to have privacy glass in the rear windows darker than 35%.

Commercial vehicles may also go as dark as 0% on the rear windows providing they have 2 external side view mirrors.

This is great news and will help to keep the heat out of your car, give you a bit more privacy and help keep the hot sun of the kids in the back seat.  Does your new car have privacy glass anyway? It is recommended that you still tint the privacy glass in the light film to achieve 99% UV rejection and better heat rejection.

As always, 35% is the darkest legal film that can be applied to the 2 front windows of any vehicle.  Windscreen bands may also be applied to the top portion of the front windscreen providing they only reach the up most arc of the wipers or 10% of the window (whichever is less).  This band can be as dark as you wish, but must not be reflective.

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