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Summer Has Gone

April 5, 2021

The hotter months are behind us, but the sun’s rays still shine through with substantial UV.  Many people hold off on tinting their new car until the warmer months come around, but window tint not only provides heat rejection it also offers 99% UV reduction too.

For those people that purchase a new car it is important to tint the car as soon as possible to protect the car’s interior.  When a vehicle’s upholstery and plastics have been exposed to heat and UV they can begin to fade and discolour.  Once this process starts it will slowly continue even after the fabric and plastics have been shaded from the UV.  All this can occur even during the winter months when UV is at its lowest.

A high quality window tint will provide excellent UV protection without the need for a dark film or those window socks that can inhibit vision and look terrible on the car.  The darkest legal tint, which is rated at 35% VLT (visible light transmission), will give your car a stylish look while stopping more than 50% of the sun’s heat and 99% of both UVA and UVB.

All windows films at Mastertint come with a lifetime warranty too so you have peace of mind knowing that your newly tinted car will never have bubbled, faded or warped window tint.  Call us today to get a quote.