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Protecting Your Asset

March 2, 2021

Purchasing a new car can be a big decision with factors such as make and model, features and quality. Another important factor is re-sale value.  Some cars hold their value better than others, but it is important to look after your new car to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible.  This is where car protection products can be of great value.

Anyone who has bought a new vehicle knows the sliding scale of cleaning and looking after their new car.  First you clean it every week, and then it’s every other week, then once a month.  Soon your new car is lucky to be cleaned even once a month and if you have children it may be even longer between cleans.  Having a paint protection applied to the paint work of your new car can help with this issue.  A quality paint protection product applied to your new vehicle seals the clear coat which stops dirt from sticking to the paint and even preventing the paint work from fading and oxidising.  Paint protection also means no more polishing of the car while still keeping its showroom shine.  No more chalky paint work, no more hard scrubbing to remove bugs and tar from the bumper.  Paint protection is a must for the set and forgetter and when you are ready to sell, it makes a difference when compared to other non-protected vehicles.

Paint protection is not as expensive as you might think either (or as expensive as the dealerships would have you believe), and with the time saved polishing and scrubbing your car over the years it almost pays for itself.  The real bonus is when you go to sell your car and the paint still looks shiny and new, this genuinely helps with maintaining the value of your new car.

When purchasing a new car give the friendly staff at Mastertint a call to discuss protection packages, we can apply window tint, paint, fabric and vinyl protection to a car for under $900!