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Is Paint Protection Worth It?

April 15, 2021

Does paint protection actually work?

There are different factors to consider here, but the short answer is yes.  All quality paint protection products protect the vehicles paint from fading and oxidising.  They also protect the paint from industrial fallout and allow dirt, bugs and other contaminates to be easily washed away.

Paint protection works by filling in the microscopic imperfections in the vehicles clear coat.  These invisible indentations are where dirt comes to rest and sticks even after washing.  Over time the dirt begins to affect the paint causing discolouration and fading.

Having a high quality paint protection applied to your vehicle can be a time and money saver in the long run.  The resale value of a car is maintained while not having to polish or wax your vehicle means weekends are yours again.

There are some things to remember with paint protection.  It’s not a force field that can protect your car from stones chips and scratches.  You still need to wash your car to prevent dirt build up from affecting the protection product and bat and bird poo still need to be washed off ASAP.

Having paint protection applied to you new car ASAP is important so that contaminants do not have a chance to affect the clear coat.  Remember to shop around too as the car dealerships are often expensive and if you finance you new vehicle you end up paying more in interest for the protection product.

So yes paint protection does work and it will save you time and money while keeping your new car looking like it just left the dealership.