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Protecting Packages

July 21, 2021

Mastertint offers a range of vehicle protection packages to keep your car looking like new with little effort.  We can apply window tint to keep heat and UV out of the car and off your skin, protecting you and your loved ones from sunburn.

For increased protection of the cars seats and carpets we can apply fabric protection and leather protection.  This will keep stains from sticking to the car seats and keep the leather upholstery looking like new.  To complete the interior protection there is also the vinyl protection product that treats the plastics and vinyl trims, dashboards and door cards to keep them from drying out and sealing them from sweat and dirt.

The exterior protection of a vehicle is important too.  A lot of people don’t have time to polish their car every few months so a good quality paint protection is a must when you want your vehicles paint job to stay shiny and new.  Paint protection reduces fading and makes it easier to remove dirt from the paint work.

To complete the protection package on your new car, we have the electronic rust protection.  These amazing units reduce the formation of rust on the car and are suitable for cars, 4WD’s and there are units that can even protect a 4WD that frequents the beach.

These protection products are best applied when you have just picked up your new car, but before you say yes to what the dealerships offer you, give us a call, we can almost guarantee you we will beat their price.  This may also save you money on additional stamp duty and interest costs that are processed through the dealerships.

You don’t have to spend a lot to keep your new car looking great, call us or email your local store today for a quote before talking to the car dealership.