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Leather Protection

June 3, 2021

It is common these days to find more and more vehicles with leather or PU leather seats and trims.  This adds a great look to the car, but if not cared for properly leather upholstery can soon begin to dry out, discolour and even crack.  It doesn’t matter if you have genuine leather seats or synthetic leather; we recommend both have a leather protection product applied and sooner the better.

Leather upholstery has a natural oil in it that helps protect it from drying out and cracking; however the sweat from our skin and the harsh Queensland weather can soon deteriorate this natural barrier.  Leather protection forms a barrier that prevents dirt and oils from the skin penetrating the leather which can damage the leather.  The fake leather that many vehicles now have can be more susceptible to cracking and discolouration as it lacks the natural oils that leather has.

A dedicated leather protection product applied to the seats is thoroughly recommended to seal the upholstery and keep it looking like new.  This also goes for the leather trims with can be found on the arm rests, the steering wheel and around the gear knob, all places that come in regular contact with bare skin.

Mastertint is happy to announce that our stores in Burleigh, Oxenford, Parkwood, Southport, Tweed heads and Underwood all offer a dedicated leather protection that can keep your car’s interior looking like new.  Our product has a satin finish so it doesn’t look greasy and sticky and it comes with a lifetime warranty if applied to you new car within the first 30 days of you owning it.  Combined with the fabric and vinyl protection, Mastertint can provide a full interior protection package to suit your vehicle at a much cheaper price than the dealerships.