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Home Window Tinting

June 13, 2021

Having your home windows tinted is often an overlooked aspect of improving your home.  Residential window films are often more durable and can reject more heat and glare than automotive films. 

The latest home window films can now offer excellent heat reduction while being incredibly light.  This means you don’t need to turn your home into a dark cave to achieve notable results.  Mirrored flat glass films can reject up to 82% of the heat and some films can even stop 100% of the UV.  Tinting your home or office in a quality window tint can reduce the temperature in a room by around 3 – 5 degrees Celsius.  This enables the air conditioner to run at approximately 30% less than normal. Home window tinting is a great way to protect you home and is inexpensive and works as soon as it is installed.

Tinting your home or office has many benefits.

  • Day time privacy
  • Reduce fading on furniture and flooring
  • Financial savings
  • Reduce glare on the TV
  • Reduce heat while keeping the view
  • Increased safety
  • A great stylish look

Mastertint has a great range of films to offer from commercial films to Electromagnetic interference films, safety films, decorative privacy films for bathroom and entry doors and a huge range of different colours and darkness’s to match you home décor needs.

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