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Dash Camera Black Box Recorders

June 23, 2021

At Mastertint we take protection seriously. Not only do we offer window tint, paint protection and fabric and leather protection, we also offer a range of in-car black box recorders. 

These dash cams provide peace of mind that if you are involved in an accident you will have evidence of who is at fault.  If you are involved in a hit a run, the in-car camera can usually record the perpetrators registration number which can be provided to police and the insurance company.  Some insurance companies are considering offering discounts for drivers that have dash cameras installed.

So which dash cam recorder should you choose?  There are many options, starting with the basic camera recorder that you stick to the windscreen and plug into the cigarette lighter, these cheaper options can have a small camera angle and poor video quality, but can still provide confirmation of an accident.  A mid-range black box recorder will have GPS and crash sensors which indicate where the accident occurred, how fast you were travelling and will usually lock the recording so it cannot be overwritten and lost.  High end in-car black boxes such as the Blackvue can offer front and rear cameras, GPS, crash sensors, HD recording and WiFi connectivity with a cloud service that enables the dash camera to upload the footage when tethered to a smartphone.  This can mean the car owner can log on using an app and see where the car is.

Power options are also available for in-car black boxes that can provide hardwired power to the unit so that parking modes can be activated.  This enables the dash cam to capture any incidents that occur while the driver is away from the car.

Call your nearest Mastertint store now to enquire about our range of in-car dash cams and start driving with more peace of mind.