Plastic & Vinyl Protection

Protection: Plastic & Vinyl

We have all seen faded and dry dashboards and door trims. The sun's UV rays can be so damaging it can dry out the interior of your car making plastics dry and brittle, and vinyl shrink and crack. Even the most prestigious vehicle is unable to escape this dilemma.

We use a water based non-greasy solvent that leaves a matte finish once applied to the plastic and vinyl interior of your vehicle such as dashboard, door panels, centre consoles, boots and other trim by penetrating underneath the surface layer to safeguard all plastic and vinyl areas giving optimum protection and durability.

By protecting you cars interior you are not only extending the life of your vinyl, you are creating a barrier against stains, using a water-repellent formula that protects against food and drink spills, fading and discolouration. You no longer need your monthly or fortnightly application of high-sheen, greasy layers of cleaning agents to have your car looking good. A damp cloth to wipe away the dust or dirt and it’s as good as new.