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Protection: Fabric & Carpet

It doesn’t matter if you have kids or pets, or neither, because there are hundreds of ways to stain the seats and carpets in your vehicle. Protecting the vehicle’s interior is important to keep your car looking and feeling like new.

Like most new car owners, majority don’t eat food in their car, but will have the occasional drinks, which over time, turns into a cup of coffee every morning driving to work, and eventually the ‘no food’ rule goes out the window, because you are running late and didn’t have time to eat. We see and hear this story every day. We all care about our new car, or first car. The sad reality is, however, that once the novelty wears off, all our original rules and promises to keep it clean, go out the window.
This is why we think it’s imperative to protect your car, even if you are the cleanest person around, you will one day, have kids, or pets, or that friend who will ‘always, no matter what’ eat or drink, and spill something in you car.

Our water-based polymer treatment coats each fibre individually, creating a strong barrier which is resistant to stains from food and drink spills, but it is also UV resistant, so it protects your fabric and carpets against fading and discolouration. Removing stains and spills is simple, as it is designed not to let anything soak through, giving you time to clean up the mess without the need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

Most importantly, our products are all non-toxic, allergy free and safe for not only yourself and your family, but also for all fabric types.