Electronic Rust Protection

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Protection: Electronic Rust

The favourite Australian past time of holidaying near the beach can be extremely hazardous to your vehicle's bodywork. It doesn’t take long for salt water to begin its merciless attack, causing unseen metal work to succumb to the rusting process where it is usually hidden from view and proper cleaning. Unfortunately, most cars end up with the occasional marks such as stone chips or scratches. These marks in turn leave your metal exposed to moisture, salt & high temperatures, which increase the rate of chemical reaction causing rust to form.

Mastertint uses the latest in electronic rust protection.

The electronic rust unit uses both impressed current and sacrificial anode technology to prevent the formation of rust on your vehicle.

The specially designed anode has a higher conductive rate for free electrons, which attracts the rust to form on them first. Impressed current changes the metals electron voltage which slows the formation of rust.

With these two methods combined the rust unit will protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion, and neutralise and existing rust on your vehicle and prevent it from spreading further.