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May 15

Winter is Coming

The cooler months have arrived in Queensland, but that doesn’t mean the heat has disappeared entirely nor does it mean that harmful UV rays have gone.  Queensland’s mild winters can still surprise us with hot sunny days with a high UV index.

If you are looking for great tint deals then now is the time.  Mastertint is offering great window tint deals at all our stores.  Come in to any of our Gold Coast, Tweed heads or Logan stores to see the different types of films in action.  Our new heat rejection displays will show you how efficient our ranges of window tints really are.

Our new ranges of Ceramic insulating films are the best window tint on the market for heat rejection.  They offer ultra-high heat rejection and 99% UV reduction and they have the added benefit of insulating your car, so not only will it be cool in summer, it can keep a bit of warmth in during those cold morning drives to work.

Remember that Mastertint also offers premium vehicle protection packages cheaper than the new car dealerships.  Anytime of the year is a great time to protect you new cars paint and interior. Click or call for a quote and compare the difference that the trusted professionals can offer.