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Feb 26

New Films Available

Australia has seen some record temperatures this summer and the trend looks to continue.  With this is mind Mastertint has sourced a new range of films to help reduce the heat in your car.

Mastertint stores now stock the CXP nano-carbon window film which offer excellent heat reduction with a great charcoal/black look designed to match factory privacy glass.  The CXP tint comes with a lifetime warranty that covers fading, bubbling, peeling and more.  This film will not interfere with radio signals and offers excellent optical clarity.

Mastertint also stocks the latest in window film technology, the CIR ceramic film.  This window tint not only provides the best solar energy reduction on the market it also boasts over 80% infrared heat reduction.  This means the film will not just reject the suns hot rays hitting you and the kids in your car; it also acts as an insulator, keeping that muggy ambient heat from entering your car while keeping that precious AC air in your car.

Both these new window films come with a lifetime warranty and both stop 99% of the UVA and UVB from entering your vehicle.

Call Mastertint today for a quote or click on the quote button and request a special onnine price for this new range of window tint.