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Jul 10

Mastertint the Trusted Name in Tinting

The Mastertint group has been in operation for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience behind it.  Over the years we have perfected our technical skills and researched the best window films that offer the highest heat and UV rejection on the market.

Mastertint only applies high quality window tint that comes with a lifetime warranty and more importantly we will honour the warranty we provide meaning you won’t get caught out if something goes wrong.  Mastertint also offers excellent customer service at all our stores from the Tweed to the Gold Coast and up to Logan.  Our experienced staff can help you to find the prefect tint for your new or used car that will suit your budget and needs.

Check out the Mastertint website for a window tint quote or call our helpful staff at your local store to enquire about high heat rejecting Ceramic films, reverse cameras, protection packages and more. Our aim is to offer you the best protection for your ride at the best price possible.