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Mar 24

COVID-19 Update

Information about Mastertint's serving procedures during this difficult time.
Sep 30

The Summer Heat has Come Early

Protect yourself from the rising heat this summer.
Aug 30

Great Tint Deals

Get a great deal on our new high heat rejection window tint.
Jul 10

Mastertint the Trusted Name in Tinting

Find out what over 20 years of experience can offer you.
Jun 10

EOFY Special Deals

Save money this tax time with awesome tint deals.
May 15

Winter is Coming

Tint deals at our Gold Coast, Logan and Tweed Heads stores
Feb 26

New Films Available

Beat the rising heat in your car
Oct 11

Low Cost GPS Trackers

Advanced GPS vehicle trackers, cheaper than you may think.
Jun 29

Mastertint Burleigh

Check out our car alarm experts
May 09

Mastertint Southport

See the tint specialist's at our central Gold Coast store.
Mar 15

The Commonweath Games are Coming to the Coast

What to expect from the Mastertint Stores during the Games
Dec 15

Mastertint Tweed Heads

Check out the advanced paint protection system from the Tweed Heads tint store.
Dec 08

Mastertint Underwood

See what your local Brisbane tint store has to offer
Nov 28

Mastertint Parkwood

See what your local tint store has to offer
Sep 29

New Tint Rules For Queensland

Info on the recent law changes for tinting your car
Jun 13

Home Window Tinting

The Benefits of Tinting your Home or Office
May 08

Special Window Tinting Offer

A great upgrade offer for the month of May
Apr 05

Summer has Gone

Tinting isn't just of the summer.
Mar 02

Protecting Your Asset

How paint protection can save you money.
Jan 19

UV Warnings this Summer

Information about UV rays and how to protect yourself in the car
Dec 20

Christmas Time and Summer is Here

Merry Christmas from the team at Mastertint!
Nov 03

Beat the Heat this Summer

Tint you car to stop the heat and UV
Aug 16

Keyless Entry

Replacement keyless remotes and new installs.
Jul 21

Protection Packages

We can offer you protection packages cheaper than the dealerships.
Jun 23

Dash Camera Black Box Recorders

Info on Dash Cams and how they can help protect you.
Jun 03

Leather Protection

Some info on how to look after your leather seats
May 13

Can window tint be removed?

We offer some advice on old bubbled window tint on you car.
Apr 15

Is Paint Protection Worth it?

Get the run down on how paint protection works.
Mar 24

Which Bluetooth Car kit is best?

Need a Bluetooth kit for your car to avoid fines? Find out which are the best.
Jan 27

About Mastertint's Home and Office Tinting Services

Give your home or office the full Mastertint treatment and save on air-con and heating while increasing your privacy. Find out more here.
Jan 06

Introducing our Brisbane (Underwood) Store

After our humble beginnings on the Gold Coast, Mastertint is happy to offer our quality car tinting in Brisbane!
Dec 16

How Car Tinting Can Help You on the Gold Coast This Summer

Summer's here. BBQ's, Ovens, Turkeys are all things that should roast, but your car doesn't have to! See how our Gold Coast Car Tinting Services can help you this summer.
Dec 03

Why Gold Coast Home Owners Choose to Tint Their Homes

Gold Coast boasts some of the most luxurious homes in the nation. See the top 5 reasons why Gold Coast home owners choose to add window tinting to their homes.
Nov 26

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

Discover how Mastertint can help with your residential (home) or commercial tinting requirements. View the benefits and find out more now.
Nov 03

All You Need to Know About Car Tinting

Choosing a tint can be confusing. Discover all you need to know about Mastertint's vehicle tinting options and get a quote online.
Oct 14

Reversing Cameras: Benefits and Advantages

Considering a reversing camera? Read more about the safety advantages to help inform your choice of camera and/or monitor.
Sep 24

How Effective is Window Tinting?

Does window tinting work? How effective is it at reducing glare, heat and UV? Read more and get the facts here.
Sep 04

Asteroid Smart

Find out why this amazing features of this Bluetooth Smart system, is so popular with our customers.
Jun 06


Mastertint has finally come to an end with their re-branding and would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way.